Conversion of Standard Units.
Imperial to Metric Metric to Imperial
From To Multiply From To Multiply
Inches Millimetres 25.400 Millimetres Inches 0.03937
Feet Metres 0.3048 Metres Feet 3.2808
Yards Metres 0.9144 Metres Yards 1.0936
Sq. Inches Sq. Cm 6.4516 Sq. Cm Sq. Inches 0.1550
Sq. Feet Sq. Metres 0.0929 Sq. Metres Sq. Feet 10.764
Sq. Yards Sq. Metres 0.8361 Sq. Metres Sq. Yards 1.1960
Pounds Kilograms 0.4536 Kilograms Pounds 2.2046
Lbs per Ft Kg per Mtr 1.4882 Kg per Mtr Lbs per Ft 0.6720
Kg Wt/Ft Kg Wt/Mtr 3.2808 Kg Wt/Mtr Kg Wt/Ft 0.3048
Feet per Ton Metres per Tonne 0.3000 Metres per Tonne Feet per Ton 3.3335
Tons per Sq. Inch Kg per Sq. mm 1.5749 Kg per Sq. mm Tons per Sq. Inch 0.6350
Tons per Sq. Inch Newtons per Sq. mm 15.444 Newtons per Sq. mm Tons per Sq. Inch 0.06475
Pounds per Sq. Inch Newtons per Sq. mm 0.00689 Newtons per Sq. mm Pounds per Sq. Inch 145.138